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How do muscle grow?

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Why, when, what is required for muscle growth in bodybuilding and How do muscle grow?

On the first question we can already answer with confidence: muscle grow because of hard work which we experience at trainings, and because of nutrition that we get after trainings to rehabilitate and ultra indemnify micro traumas which we get just at trainings. But we still find difficulty in replying on the second question.

So when do muscles grow?

Do they really grow while we r working out at trainings? I would not argue that during trainings muscle become much larger, they are strained, and vessels are broadened. But if we look at muscles in some times after trainings, we would see that they came to their initial sizes, if not even less, they are exhausted and tired and that there is no increase in mass either. That is why muscles grow not during trainings, but just after them.

So what is required for their growth?

Rest and sleep. Our muscles rehabilitate themselves and rebuild stocks of energy while we sleep or have a rest. And during our trainings we only give a signal to muscles that it is time for them to grow, we just stimulate them to grow by our exercises, muscles get micro traumas, which would be healed during sleep, but if we do not give our body enough time for having a rest, then we will not get any growth either. This is something like beating at the same place and waiting for it to recover, but it obviously does not happen. Only renewal and full-fledged sleep helps us to move forward and get muscle mass.

So how much time do muscles need to rehabilitate themselves completely?

Let us imagine that you have cut your finger, for example, and you are waiting for it to close up. So how much time would it take your finger to heal? Do you really think it would take a day or half a day? Of course not.

The same is with muscles – one day is definitely not enough for renewal. To my mind, the most optimal attendance of gym is once per 2 days or even more seldom, but this regime is really suitable for me. Some people can even attend gym once in 5 days and still grow. And others could go to gym twice a day and would not even complain of tiredness or overtraining.

Take for example Arnold Schwarzenegger. Who used to go to gym twice a day and became bigger and bigger day after day. But not all of us boast such genetics as Arnold has and not all of us use anabolic steroids. Moreover after his career Schwarzenegger called the twentieth century “Age of overtraining” in bodybuilding and mentioned that there is no need to make mistakes of the past once again. Of course, I understand that it would be rather difficult for some people to start visiting gym more seldom, but think carefully – have you been growing successfully lately, do you really have enough time for renewal and how do you feel at all, maybe you overtraining as well?

Do not participate in a silly competition called “who attends the gym more often”, you main aim is to grow and not to brag about the fact that you have been to gym 2 times today while you have not put a single kilo this month.

So here is my advice to you – do not rush to gym that often until you really feel relaxed and rested after your previous training. Moreover another day of rest would not do any harm while otherwise another hard training might do.

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