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Warm-up before training

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Many people trapped in a gym for the first time, do not understand the importance of proper warm-up.

It is often possible to observe how some beginners doing pointless warm-up for 20 repetitions, using just the rack bars-press, the others don’t do anything at all. If you’re looking to build muscle or improve strength, without a proper warm-up you can’t do it:

  1. In case of a correct warm-up, your body will be able to lift more weight, increase the load on the muscles and as a result speed up the muscle growth;
  2. Proper warm up will reduce the risk of injury.

. I think this is a pretty good reason to spend 15-20 minutes on warming up before starting your main workout.


How to warm up

Start your workout with a 10 minute light cardio. You can do this with any cardio equipment such as treadmill or an exercise bike.

Workout on treadmill Workout on treadmill Cardio will give the following: it increases internal body temperature, stimulates the heart and lungs, lubricates the joints (as it increases the production of synovial fluid).While performing cardio exercises, you can mentally go through the exercises you will be doing. It is very important to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the workout.

After you finish the cardio warm-up, proceed to the next part of the workout. This can be done by warming approaches 5 of the first heavy exercises of your workout. Simply, if you’re going to do squats, you should perform 5 sets of squats.

Start by using light weight and lots of reps, with every attempt, increase the weight and decrease the reps. Very important: during the warm-up should not overload muscle, as it will lead to early fatigue!

During this stage of the warm up, you increase the blood flow to the muscles and connective tissues.

If you’ve exhausted the potential of the muscle during the workout, you will lose the ability to get the most out of your core workout.

Use the simple formula given below, in order to decide what weight to lift and how many repetitions to perform during the warm-up.

  1. The first approach: 50% of working weight, 10 reps;
  2. The second approach: 60% of working weight, 6 reps;
  3. Third approach: 70% of working weight, 4 reps;
  4. Fourth approach: 80% of working weight, 3 reps;
  5. Fifth approach: 90% working weight, 1 repetition.

The percentage depends on how much weight you lift during the main sessions. For example, if you normally do squats with a barbell weighing 100 kg, the first phase of your workouts will be 10 reps with 50 kg.

Before actual workout, follow these 5 approaches. A good warm-up will allow you to protect yourself from injury, as your body and mind will be ready to load.

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