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Food Calorie Table

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Our food is more like fuel for a car. We feel the tank with fuel exactly as much as it needs, but it all goes wrong, when it comes to food. You need to take an exact amount of calories to feel good, and everything above this will lead to extra weight. This is bad for all internal organs, and for health itself. Proper nutrition can help you to keep yourself in great shape through the whole life. Your ideal weight depends of what you eat on 80%, and 20% extra depends on physical activity.

Table of calories – is your best helper when you’re planning your personal diet which will suite especially to you. With its help you can count the amount of calories for your daily nutrition. In it you can see all the information about the amount of calories in your products, ‘bout fats and proteins, ‘bout carbohydrates. There are also protein diets are available. Everybody think, that fats are bad, but in some situations, they are very important for normal body functioning.

Meat and meat derivatives

Fruits and horticultural products

Cereals cereal derivativest tubers legumes

Dairy products

Beverages fats oils

* Images source: www.prozis.com.

** The values shown in these tables are in accordance with the latest information from the International & American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists, and may vary depending on the composition of the foods.

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