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Exercises guide (with pictures)

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The material was collected to demonstrate the newcomer what types of exercises are used in the development of a group of muscles. On the picture there is a sequence of exercises and a standing position of an athlete.


Leg Exercises


The basic exercise, which is one of the best not only to strengthen muscles but also for gaining muscle mass and power. Squats develop excellent quadriceps (quads), as well as several other muscles: gluteus, soleus, adductor muscles and the abdominal muscles and back.

The leg press

Polyarticular exercise that is performed in a special machine and is intended to strengthen the thigh and buttock muscles. The peculiarity of this type of exercise is that the entire burden falls on the legs and spine and lower back do not participate in the exercise.

Curl and extension of the legs in the machine

Exercise in the curl and extension legs involve front and rear thigh muscles, allowing the load to focus exclusively on those muscle groups on which you should work.

Abdominal Exercises


Twisting Exercise is not only for a direct abdominal muscles, but also for the internal and external oblique as well as comb and the iliopsoas muscle.

Raising legs

Rising during hanging – one of the best and most effective exercises for the abdominal muscles. Excellent development of the upper and lower part muscles and also upper thighs.

Roman chair

The Roman chair is an exercise that for a great relief of the abdominal muscles, but also worked through technology, since it is important to skillfully perform the exercise, being careful not to use the back and arms.

Exercises for muscles of hands

Exercises for biceps
Barbell Biceps Curl – Standing

The basic exercise for the biceps. Thanks to a differentiated approach it allows you to shift the focus on certain muscle groups, as well as working as an increase in muscle and the strength or relief.

Lifting dumbbells for biceps while sitting

Exercises with dumbbells can help to study a particular group, so to say “finish off” the muscle. Moreover, dumbbells allow you to more accurately pick up the weight and work with each hand separately.

Biceps curl seated on Scott bench

The work on the Scott’s bench gives you an opportunity to shift the emphasis in the exercises on the muscles of the biceps, completely eliminating the muscles of the back and shoulder.

Tricep Exercises
Barbell bench press narrow grip

Universal exercise that develops not only your triceps but also your chest muscles.


Push on the bars develop the muscles of shoulder, chest and triceps.

The extension of the hands behind the head

The extension of the hands behind the head helps to pump the triceps, but also engages the muscles of the shoulder, neck and back.

Standing cable push-down

Work in the unit involves not only the triceps but also the muscles of the bicep and forearm

Shoulder exercise
Army bench press

Bench press up wide grip allows you to work the front muscles of the shoulder and upper chest muscles and triceps.

Bench press behind the head sitting

Bench press behind the head – this is the work of secondary muscles of the shoulder, latissimus dorsi, triceps and trapezoids.

Standing dumbbell bench press

Upper dumbbell bench press allows for more accurate work secondary muscles of the shoulder depending on the direction of the GIM.

Breeding hands with dumbbells standing

Breeding hands with dumbbells pumps front shoulder muscles, trapezoid and the upper part of the oblique abdominal muscles.

Thrust rod to the chin narrow grip standing

Pull to the chin narrow grip is a good way to work the front and middle shoulder muscles and trapeze, as well as the inner part of the bicep.

Exercises for chest muscles

The barbell bench press on the horizontal bench

Chest press on the horizontal bench is the basic exercise for the pectoral muscles and the shoulder muscles. Incline bench.

Dumbbell bench press on an inclined bench

Dumbbell bench press on an incline bench

Dumbbell bench press because of a deeper amplitude better considering the upper part of the chest muscles, as well as the top oblique muscles of the abdominals and shoulders.

Breeding dumbbells on an incline bench

The layout of dumbbells is an exercise for stretching the chest muscles and elasticity to improve the weight gain.


Thrust in the machine (crossover) depending on the angle allows to better study a particular part of the breast.

Exercises for back muscles


Deadlift – is a basic exercise that will involve more than 50% of the body muscles, especially back and legs. The main exercise is the right execution.

Pull up

The pull-up develops the muscles of the back, shoulders and perfectly correct the posture.

Lat Pulldown

The Lat Pulldown is one of the main exercises for the latissimus dorsi.

Thrust rod in the slope

Thrust rod in the slope, is working on almost all groups of the back muscles, but it is necessary to perform the exercise strictly on technique.

Seated Cable Row

Cable rows gives the opportunity to use the dorsal and pectoral muscles, and shoulder muscles.

Up right row

Up right rows is working on upper chest, shoulders, trapezium and several groups of the spinal muscles.

Shrugs with a barbell

Shrugs with a barbell – this is one of the few effective exercises for the trapeziums muscles of the back.

This information will help the novice to become familiar with basic bodybuilding exercises.

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