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Books on fitness and bodybuilding

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To build muscles and strengthen the body desire and enthusiasm are not enough. You can lift weight and not achieve any effect, and you can take half an hour a day and get the desired result. For this purpose, there are numerous books on fitness and bodybuilding, written by professional athletes and coaches based on their extensive experience.

Books on fitness and bodybuilding

With the help of these books you will be able to choose for themselves the most effective technique of training, know how during a short time to gain muscle mass, to become muscular, strong and receive a relief, to lose weight and other things.


Also books on fitness and bodybuilding is very useful because it not only tells you what exercises you should perform for a particular muscle group, but also clearly spells out the techniques of each exercise. This is very important – besides the fact that, if improperly performed exercise, you will not be able to achieve the desired result, you can still get a serious injury, such as sprained joints, tendons, muscles, or back injury. Past trauma can be fatal and can make a person disabled for life.

Books on bodybuilding

Nutrition for athletes

Author: M. A. Aranson

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between football players, weightlifters or bodybuilders from ordinary people? Think about it. For maximum results, is not enough only to have one desire (although that’s a necessary condition). To achieve results in sports you must have a well-trained body. If you want to be different – strong, to have a beautiful muscular body, then this book is for you.

Joe Weider’s Bodybuilding System

Author: Joe Weider

Congratulations, right before your eyes is the best book about building muscle! By using this system, you will achieve your goals much faster. The book is based on more than forty-five years of scientific and practical experiments. Developed by Vader, system works perfectly both on men and on women. A scheme of construction by Vader will help you to create the perfect body! Think!

How to Build up to 50 Pounds of Muscle the Natural Way

Author: Stuart McRobert

Stuart Mc Robert, the author of this book – a simple provincial bodybuilder. For many years he was engaged in bodybuilding for well-known programs that have not yet questioned their correctness. And really, why the winners of all competitions on bodybuilding have mountains of muscle, while most have to settle for less? The author of the book in no way could accept the fact that chemistry is the only way out of the impasse.

Supersquats: how to gain 30 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks

Author: Randall J. Strossen

The title of the book speaks for itself. Here you will find information, armed with which, you’ll see the path to a stronger and muscular body.

The new encyclopedia of bodybuilding

Author: Arnold Schwarzenegger

The history of bodybuilding, evolution of modern training, bodybuilding as a profession, the future of men’s and women’s bodybuilding, recommendations for choosing a gym and much more. All this you will find in the book the world’s most famous bodybuilder. Schwarzenegger will tell you the main aspects of bodybuilding, based on his own life experience.

Books on fitness

Magic of slimness

Author: A.V. Faleev

In today’s market there are hundreds of books offering their approach in the fight against obesity. Book of Faleev occupies a special place. The author examines in detail the physiology of the digestive system and on this basis considers existing approaches to the problem of obesity. In addition, the book discusses the work with the subconscious. Theory and methodology of fitness training

Tutorial of the personal trainer

The book discusses the following topics: the theory of fitness training, basic biomechanics, strength training, aerobic training, flexibility training, organization, personal training, nutrition, fundamentals of sports medicine for fitness trainer, professional personal trainer and retention of personal clients.

World Class Legs

Author: Felix Schmitt

The authors of this books promise their readers to reduce the volume of hips, rounding and strengthening of the buttocks. And all this for half an hour during a day three times a week.

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