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Our food is more like fuel for a car. We feel the tank with fuel exactly as much as it needs, but it all goes wrong, when it comes to food. You need to take an exact amount of calories to feel good, and everything above this will lead to extra weight. This is bad for all internal organs, and for health itself. Proper nutrition can help you to keep yourself in great shape through the whole life. Your ideal weight depends of what you eat on 80%, and 20% extra depends on physical activity.

Table of calories – is your best helper when you’re planning your personal diet which will suite especially to you. With its help you can count the amount of calories for your daily nutrition. In it you can see all the information about the amount of calories in your products, ‘bout fats and proteins, ‘bout carbohydrates. There are also protein diets are available. Everybody think, that fats are bad, but in some situations, they are very important for normal body functioning.

The material was collected to demonstrate the newcomer what types of exercises are used in the development of a group of muscles. On the picture there is a sequence of exercises and a standing position of an athlete.


Leg Exercises


Barbell Squat

The basic exercise, which is one of the best not only to strengthen muscles but also for gaining muscle mass and power. Squats develop excellent quadriceps (quads), as well as several other muscles: gluteus, soleus, adductor muscles and the abdominal muscles and back.

Many people trapped in a gym for the first time, do not understand the importance of proper warm-up.

It is often possible to observe how some beginners doing pointless warm-up for 20 repetitions, using just the rack bars-press, the others don’t do anything at all. If you’re looking to build muscle or improve strength, without a proper warm-up you can’t do it:

  1. In case of a correct warm-up, your body will be able to lift more weight, increase the load on the muscles and as a result speed up the muscle growth;
  2. Proper warm up will reduce the risk of injury.

. I think this is a pretty good reason to spend 15-20 minutes on warming up before starting your main workout.