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Basic exercises are the fundamentals of bodybuilding

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Basic exercises in bodybuilding play a very important role in set of muscles that is why do not neglect it during training. Usually when I come to gym I can see the same picture – a newcomer dreams of getting bog muscles and uses his favourate comfortable isolating stimulator, trains only one particular muscle. He usually does not care whether his strategy is right and if his muscle would grow. The main thing for him is that he is training his body. This is the most spread and serious mistake of training among beginners. The exercises that promote intensive growth should be hard and multarticulate which means that you would train many muscles while doing them and use maximum weights. These exercises are called basic ones and promote the best mass growth. That is why at the very beginning of your training, when your body is lack of muscle mass, the main exercises you use should be basic ones! Here are the examples of such

Basic exercises in bodybuilding

Bench press. It is an excellent exercise for total mass of pectoral muscles growing. Once your pectoral muscles put on the required weight, you can try sharpening forms with the help of isolating exercises such as layout of dumbbells lying on a bench or doing exercises using a butterfly stimulator.

Squatting with a barbell on your shoulders. It is an incontrovertible and the most effective exercise for legs development. To my mind it is very effective for big and massive legs growing. Even the Arnold says this exercise is one of the most effective for growing mass.

Deadlift is a very effective exercise for the whole back side of the body. But you should be very direful while making it for there is a high risk of injury. That is why you should work with light weights and learn the technique before you can start sets with big weights. Your technique should become clear and precise.

Pulling-up on the horizontal bar. Nothing would widen your back to the extent this exercise can, especially when you use wide grip. Remember – you will not be able to get a nice and wide back without pull-ups. That is why do not forget to include this exercise in your training program. Bodybuilders advice to make every set till you feel really tired, the total number of sets should reach 50.

Pushups on parallel bars. This exercise trains chest, triceps and the whole upper body perfectly. It can be made with extra weights as well.

In fact I would also name some secondary exercises for putting weight such as barbell lift on biceps, lifting barbell above your head for deltoids development, but there is one but… There is no point in thinking of small muscles till you do not have the main muscle groups increased such as back, breast and legs. This happens due to the fact that small muscles will start growing once the main muscle groups do, that is why you should start with basic exercises and only when your muscle mass increases you can make secondary ones. And what is your attitude towards basic exercises in bodybuilding? I wish you to gain progress in basic exercises and put on muscle mass.

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