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Myths of bodybuilding

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Every culture has its own myths, and bodybuilding makes no exception. And of course some myths contain a share of truth while some of them are just funny.

Myth of bodybuilding #1. Once you stop training your muscles will turn into fat.

This is the main excuse of those who has never worked out or who just envy bodybuilders and their beautiful bodies. Remember: muscular tissue is completely different from adipose one that is why these muscles cannot just turn into fat. Of course if you stop working out the strength and the size of the muscles would lessen little by little and a person might put on excess fat mass, but this happens only due to the fact that the organism got used to receive many calories and to expend them while training and suddenly you stop working out and your organism still receives as many calories as it did when you trained but it cannot expend all of them so it saves them in a form of fat.

Myth of bodybuilding #2. Everybody can become a professional bodybuilder providing using steroids.

If it were true then many people in gyms would look like professionals, but that does not happen because the most important things in bodybuilding are training, genetics and nutrition. No one can gain success without those aspects even using steroids nights and days. That is why remember: unyieldingness and discipline lead to success.

Myth of bodybuilding #3. Bodybuilders are very sluggish.

This is nonsense of the first water. Once I came across an article that contained the results of a test for movement speed. Bodybuilders participated in the research. It turned out that bodybuilder makes movements even faster than an ordinary person.

Myth of bodybuilding #4. Bodybuilders are not strong.

Quite usually you can hear such expressions from those who have never dealt with bodybuilding. To find an answer to this question you should visit a gym and look what weights bodybuilders work with. Sometimes they exceed some hundreds of kilos! Even Arnold Schwarzenegger himself participated in weights lifting competitions and won. Moreover the weight of the lifted gymnastic apparatus depends on the size of human’s muscle, and bodybuilder does not have any problems with that.

Myth of bodybuilding #5. All bodybuilders are gays.

A great fable of those! So according to this, bodybuilders represent some gay community and everybody who goes to gym is a gay. So answer me one question: do you go to gym and workout there? I understand that the answer is positive. So are you gay? I suppose you understand what I am hinting at. It is not necessary to have a beautiful and brawny body and to be gay. It reminds me survivals from the soviet times when looking good was considered to be unnatural and censured.

Myth of bodybuilding #6. I do not want to lift the weight because I do not want to be as huge as Schwarzenegger.

What a lucky person you would be if once you lift a heavy bar you start growing that intensively! It only shows that a person does not understand many things in this kind of sport and might not want to understand. It may be just an excuse for your laziness and unwillingness to move forwards to gain a beautiful body. It is much better to be a coach potato, right?

Myth of bodybuilding #7. All bodybuilders eat protein nights and days and never use fatty food.

Another one delusion. A normal person’s ration should contain everything: proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Eating only proteins is not enough for keeping on living. Moreover we need to receive the energy that carbohydrates usually contain otherwise we will not be able to train and lift the right weights.

Myth of bodybuilding #8. Sport nutrition is just chemicals.

I have heard such expressions from my friends and relatives lots of time and they still refuse to realize that sport nutrition is not eating steroids and it is useful indeed. A human being is unable to receive all the required nourishing elements with food, it is physically impossible, that is why sport nourishment helps us to receive the rest. Moreover there is no harm in it. Take for example protein – it is only concentrated alimentary protein that causes no damage.

To my mind, I have just revealed the main myths I have ever met in my life. There is no doubt that bodybuilding has its own dark sides but it is mostly useful. That is why please do come to gym and become one of bodybuilders, you might get your dividends in a form of beautiful and healthy body.

By the way, what myths about bodybuilding have you heard?

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