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Two important concepts that must be discussed when creating your own Bodybuilder Nutrition Program are cheat meals and refeed days. Cheat meals and refeed days have their place in your nutrition program. It’s important that you understand when and why to utilize each of them. A cheat meal is a single meal eaten during the course of a day, outside of your regularly planned meal. A cheat meal consists of any foods you crave, usually with no (or very loose) quantity restrictions. Refeed days include a series of meals eaten over the course of the day with increased calorie and altered macronutrient content, with the goal of elevating leptin levels, and boosting metabolism. While cheat meals can have their place in a fat loss diet, a refeed day will have a more significant impact on boosting your metabolism, and keeping your diet progressing at an optimal rate.

Bodybuilding can be separated into four fundamental components: Planning, Training, Nutrition, Recovery. All four fundamental components are interrelated, and must be considered if you are serious about developing a bodybuilder’s physique.

Plan For Success

Your overarching plan is what ties the fundamental components of bodybuilding together. Proper planning affects how you will approach your training, nutrition and recovery. Here are the fundamental aspects of planning you should understand and apply as a beginner:

  1. Goal setting;
  2. Determining priorities;
  3. Managing expectations;
  4. Trust the fundamentals;
  5. Track your progress;
  6. Goal setting;

The first step when creating your bodybuilding plan is to set clearly defined goals. Without goals, you will have no direction. Having clearly defined goals will dictate how you approach your training and nutrition programs. The 4 primary goals a bodybuilder is concerned with are:

Every culture has its own myths, and bodybuilding makes no exception. And of course some myths contain a share of truth while some of them are just funny.

Myth of bodybuilding #1. Once you stop training your muscles will turn into fat.

This is the main excuse of those who has never worked out or who just envy bodybuilders and their beautiful bodies. Remember: muscular tissue is completely different from adipose one that is why these muscles cannot just turn into fat. Of course if you stop working out the strength and the size of the muscles would lessen little by little and a person might put on excess fat mass, but this happens only due to the fact that the organism got used to receive many calories and to expend them while training and suddenly you stop working out and your organism still receives as many calories as it did when you trained but it cannot expend all of them so it saves them in a form of fat.