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The most necessary sport nutrition for beginners

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I often hear such a question, “What is the best sport nutrition for beginners?”

Let us sort it out what a beginner or a very young bodybuilder needs at the very beginning of his trainings:

  • Vitamins and minerals so that a young organism would not be in deficit of it and trainings would definitely go with a bang.
  • Good protein that should be taken between the main meals or you can buy a gainer for body muscle growing.

That is what I would like to advice beginners about sport nutrition. Many of you would ask me, “And what about creatine and everything else?”

Let us leave creatine and other additives for later. First of all you should train without them and gain at least a small increase in muscle because you will definitely grow without them too. The most intensive growth can be seen at the beginning of trainings, it fades with time. You will have to use these special additives when it fades.

There is another one thing I would like to advice: do not use anything that increases the level of testosterone because you are young and your testosterone and growth hormone are produced by your organism in sufficient quantity. That is why use the advantages of your age and remember that you will succeed with the help of trainings and a correct diet, not just because of sport nutrition, that is why do not put high hopes on additives, better add them to your usual ration.

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