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How to build up your muscles fast?

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How to build up your muscles fast? Ho to grow up muscles in no time? I will give you the most important advice in this article about it.

There sure are a lot of training methods, different diets, various exercises, subtleties, but the truth is that consistent adding weight to the bar during a long period of time will lead you to muscle growth! To develop muscles you should use the main exercises for muscle growth (such as deadlift, bench press, squats, pull-ups and so on) and concentrate on increasing weight in this exercises which will lead you to amazing effect. Your muscles will grow very fast. Add at least 5-10 kilos to your dumbbell and try to do the same amount of sets that you used to do earlier with less weight. If you pursue this strategy muscle growth will be hard to stop, they will become bigger and bigger day after day.

Here is a plan for you:

  1. Stimulate intensive muscle growth by training with more weight and do only basic exercises;
  2. Recover;
  3. Come to gym again but do the same exercises with more weight or with more sets;

If you are able to increase weight with 1-2 kilos per week then I would assume you about your success and that you are on the right track. You will manage to develop muscles very fast!

And now please answer my question – “How often do you come across people squatting with 200 kilos on their shoulders but still having thin legs in a gym?” or “Have you ever seen a guy who performs bench press but has a weak chest and almost does not have triceps?” Never? I have never met such people either. That is why the strength and muscle volume are interconnected. It means if you train with the biggest dumbbell in a gym you will definitely the biggest man in a gym. It is very simple indeed. If you want to have huge muscles then nothing would help you to the extent heavy weights and basic exercises can do. Start following my recommends on each training and the more you lift weights the bigger you will become, trust me. This old rule of gaining muscle mass has worker, works and will always work. Remember this and use it in practice.

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