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About Belarus Championship in Bodybuilding and Fitness 2015

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Simply I didn’t have enough time to post a review about Belarus Championship in bodybuilding and fitness, which took place from 25th to 26th of April. Now, a little bit late, but sill, I’ll white about what I saw, and what I liked.

This year there was decided to split the championship in two parts. I was glad about it. First day was related to youth bodybuilding, girls body fitness, juniors bodybuilding and classic bodybuilding. Second day was related to main categories. This decision is quite understandable: first of all, this type of sport is quite interesting for more and more people each ear, and more and more people want to take part in it (location right in Minsk’s center obliges also); second, watcher can choose the program he likes; third, competition wasn’t rushing anywhere, judges could do their job calm. Forth, it was better for athletes. According ticket price – people didn’t like it, but I think that 2 times a year you can afford it. Such thing doesn’t happen too often.

First time this championship was led by Kozlenko Andrey. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get in touch with him during championship, but as I saw, he is quite sociable, and there will be no problems in cooperation with him. Organization of the competition took place as usual: registration, the judicial commission and then the competitions themselves. I had no objections to the organization of the competition; I don’t count some delays or mistakes in program. But I’ve noticed quite important technical mistake: very poor backlight on the stage in the first day of the competition. You could see everything above waist was clearly, but below nothing really was visible. There was a positive moment that the stage wasn’t wide. Athletes should be closer to visitors, it’s always good. Also I was pleased to see photo report, placed by federation. Soon they promised to show videos. This is all about organization moments and technical aspects.

According to the level of athletes: they were good, there was a lot of stuff to see. Especially I want to mention juniors – their lever went higher compared to the previous competition. In other categories there was nothing special. If we look at the overall level of preparation, they don’t stay on the save level, they move forward, and it’s good to hear. As I think, the results are quite predictable – the level of preparation led athletes to the results they received. Perhaps the only thing that may disappoint is that some top Belarusian athletes ignored this competition. But that’s their personal choice. If person decides to go forward, it’s his right. Because overall level of our competition is still not that high as foreign ones.

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