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How to build up your muscles fast? Ho to grow up muscles in no time? I will give you the most important advice in this article about it.

I often hear such a question, “What is the best sport nutrition for beginners?”

Let us sort it out what a beginner or a very young bodybuilder needs at the very beginning of his trainings:

  • Vitamins and minerals so that a young organism would not be in deficit of it and trainings would definitely go with a bang.
  • Good protein that should be taken between the main meals or you can buy a gainer for body muscle growing.

That is what I would like to advice beginners about sport nutrition. Many of you would ask me, “And what about creatine and everything else?”

As a man who grew up being very skinny my #1 goal has always been building muscle. I naturally have very ectomorphic characteristics (I have a very fast metabolism) so it’s always been a struggle for me to build and maintain muscle. Over the years I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my pursuit to build muscle. I’ve tried more diets and training programs than I can remember.

What I’ve come to realize is that it all comes back to the fundamentals of bodybuilding. The formula to get big is already out there. Bodybuilders have been following the same basic formula to build muscle for over half a century. What it takes from you is a lot of hard work and consistency.