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Welcome, fans of bodybuilding and professional athletes!

Our website is about bodybuilding and fitness, and it will help you to be healthy and beautiful. Here you can not only be informed in the basic rules of sports, but also will be able to make a personal program exercises and healthy nutrition. You will easily find a description of the beginners’ workout, useful pieces of advice how to fit specific groups of muscles in pictures and a set of really interesting and useful information.

Only on this site you can find the latest news of Belarusian, Ukrainian, Polish Bodybuilding and Fitness - actual information about the nearest tournaments, and reviews the competition already being held. You will learn the names of the best people in the categories of (bodybuilding, classic bodybuilding and men's physique, body fitness and fitness-bikini) and absolute Champions.

Many athletes are facing with the problem of weight control. We can help to overcome and these problems. To do this, you are offered the specials techniques of rapid weight gain and weight loss. All the newest and updated information from the fitness and bodybuilding sphere is always available to you. You will about the medicines, used in bodybuilding, which you can buy without a prescription.

According to the table of calories value and vitamins, you will be able to make your own diet for successful training and for the fast results. The secrets of success, interesting articles about professional sportsmen from all over the world, and all possible informative material about fitness and bodybuilding we have carefully chosen especially for you.

What’s the fitness?

It’s first of all your care of health. Fitness gives people joy and smiles, supports high mood and excellent physical background. Fitness exercises has their energy and psychology, improving not only your physical condition, but psychological health too. Its foundation is moving forward and a self-perfection.

Fitness promotes a healthy lifestyle, thus becoming a modern and therefore becomes a modern and affective king of sport, which adults and children are for themselves every day.

What is bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding as the king of sport appeared not so long time ago, but fastly bursted onto the world’s-sport stage. It’s a unique way of life which in all its perfection shows power and mightiness of the human body. The main aim of it is to create a perfect body in right proportions.

Bodybuilding changes a person, because to reach to the top in this sports, it’s necessary for you to work hard every day.

Attributes of Fitness & Bodybuilding
For beginners
Exercises guide

The material was collected in order to demonstrate for the beginner which types of exercises are used during the development of a varying group of muscles. The pictures show the sequence of exercises and the proper positions for their execution.

Warm-up before training

Many people coming for the workout firstly, don’t understand the importance of warming-up before the workout. Good warming-up will protect you from injuries, because your body and your mind will be ready to workout.

Books on fitness and bodybuilding

To pump up the muscles and strengthen the body solely desire and enthusiasm are not enough. You can constantly lift up iron without achieving of any effect, or you can spend only a half an hour a day and get the desired result. Electronic books will help you quickly achieve good results in bodybuilding and fitness.

Food Calorie Table

Caloric content table is the best assistant in the developing of individual diet which will fit you. You can use it to calculate the exact amount of calories which composes the daily ration.

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One subject that is often neglected with beginners is explaining how to determine how much weight to lift on an exercise. When following a training program you might see something similar to this for an exercise: “Barbell Bench Press 4×8” — This means you are supposed to do 4 sets of 8 repetitions on the barbell bench press. This description can leave a beginner with a lot of additional questions like, “do I use the same weight for every set?” or “should I go to failure on every...
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